As of September 20, 2021, MOJ has $79,886 to go!  
We are within reach of fulfilling the $3.5 million goal of Restoring Hope.  
Will you be the difference maker?


Joni, a single mom, was sitting on the living room floor playing with her kids last night when suddenly, she had a heart attack. She was rushed to the emergency room where after hours of screening, it was determined she had suffered a panic attack instead. Two weeks ago, Joni had gone to the ER because of abdominal pain. The week before that, she had experienced a bout of dizziness and had fallen down the stairs.

Joni is what is known in the medical profession as a "frequent flyer," people who for various reasons use the emergency room as their primary care. Maybe they don't have health insurance. Maybe they have a cluster of medical problems that continually produce chronic illness. But this isn't just Joni's problem. It is an American problem. Nearly 30 percent of emergency room visits nationwide are from "frequent flyers" racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills which they can never hope to repay. Hospitals have no answer for this tragic and perplexing problem.

But Ministries of Jesus does!  Three years ago, one of Oklahoma's largest health networks referred its top 10 "frequent flyers" to Ministries of Jesus to see if they could be helped long term. One year later, not a single one of these patients had returned to the ER even once!  These results were nothing short of stunning to the medical professionals overseeing these patients!  Remarkably, the second year's results with a different group of referred patients were exactly the same.

How is Ministries of Jesus able to work such a seeming miracle?  It is because of our vision to bring healing, hope, and compassion to the WHOLE person: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  When people get sick long term, it can affect their whole being.  Each part becomes an aspect of the reverberation loop that causes them to spiral downwards.  By treating the whole person rather than just the immediate crisis, each part of the person contributes synergistically to the upward advancement of health and wholeness, and thus removes the need to run continually to the emergency room.

Ministries of Jesus enables a stunning $3.4 million in healthcare and 
thousands of one-on-one professional counseling hours from a Christian world view, bringing emotional as well as physical healing.


In 2000, Henderson Hills Baptist Church in Edmond, Oklahoma, began meditating upon how they could do their part in carrying out Jesus's mission statement, recorded in Luke 4:18-19.  As a result, the church founded "Ministries of Jesus" which strives to mirror Jesus's mission, by caring for the whole person:  physically, emotionally, and spiritually through:

Charitable Medical & Dental Clinics

A Licensed Professional Counseling Center

                 offering grief, divorce, and mental health care

A Recovery Ministry

                 to bring liberty to those held captive by addiction

A Social Services Department

                  connecting clients with community resources to help them with housing, food, clothing, legal aid, financial aid, affordable health insurance,
                 state identification documentation, money management classes, English classes, and GED classes.
Each year, Ministries of Jesus enables a stunning $3.4 million in health care through 200 volunteers - including physicians, nurses, and practitioners - who donate more than 16,200 hours in all.  The people like Joni who need the services Ministries of Jesus can provide are growing in numbers to the point that we can no longer meet all their needs.  Each year, Ministries of Jesus provides thousands of hours of one-on-one professional counseling from a Christian world view, bringing emotional healing as well as physical healing.  The counseling waiting list is long, the answer is to bring on more licensed counselors.  Unfortunately, there is no space for that to happen.  But all we have to do is expand our facilities and gather more resources, and we can indeed help them all, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
At Ministries of Jesus, we believe that to hear about the great momentum and astonishing success of this ministry is to want to be a part of it!  Join hundreds of other like-minded gracious and compassionate people in a campaign that will:

Double the impact of our current facilities, by adding more space, and therefore adding more doctors, dentists, physical therapists, and other providers

Create an on-site laboratory

Increase the number of Spanish-speaking families who can receive counseling

Increase the number of families who can receive group therapy, individualized counseling, and recovery

Double the number of dentistry procedures

Continue to provide more than $3.4 million of in-kind donated services, medications, and surgeries each year

Ministries of Jesus is dramatically changing the lives of thousands of real people - offering wellness ministries to heal people:  physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Join us in bringing healing, hope, and compassion to everyone in need!

Will YOU join us in our BOLD VISION
to provide healing, hope & compassion
to everyone in need?


$1 .5 Million in Capital Improvements & Increased Space

 - Increase the number of medical exam rooms
 - Add a physical therapy room
 - Double counseling rooms from 4 to 8
 - Double meeting/education/training space
 - More than double intake rooms from 1 to 3
 - Reconfigure medical lobby area
 - Add second entrance for privacy for counseling patients
 - Add additional dental chairs

$2 Million in Increased Staffing & Education Training for 3 Years

 - Add additional medical/dental personnel
 - Add 3 new licensed professional counselors
 - Incorporate additional nursing/medical student training
 - Much-needed space for education training for patients
 - Create more step studies to facilitate more needs