Our Method


Intakes are the key to helping MOJ stay on mission, healing spirit, soul and body.  This is where the strength of the ministry lies.  An Intake is a one hour session in which a volunteer guides new patients and clients through a self-assessment of their physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational health so all of their needs may be addressed in their appointments at MOJ.  Patients and clients go through an intake evaluation annually to identify areas of their life where they have made progress or to see which areas are out of balance and still need attention.  Because of the intentional process, there is opportunity to share the gospel during intake sessions, if the client is open to listening.

Intake Stories

During an intake a young lady realized her need of Christ.  As she began to evaluate her spiritual life, she shared she was not raised in church nor was she familiar with the Bible.  After much discussion about God, she prayed and received Jesus into her life!
One of our faithful intake volunteers met with a man in his 70's who had been diagnosed with cancer.  He came from a Catholic family and a very difficult past.  As he shared about his life there were only a handful of happy moments...the intake volunteer took the opportunity to tell this man about Jesus...After more discussion, the man said he wanted to pray and receive Jesus.  For nearly 20 minutes the man prayed and talked to his Heavenly Father for the first time.  This man was now part of the family of God!  His life had been changed.  What a beautiful work of God in this man's life.  After 70 years of walking in the dark, he has hope.  He is filled with joy.  He thought he was just coming to a medical appointment, but it was so much more!