Medical & Eye Clinics

Updated 6/10/20

Ministries of Jesus medical staff is still here to serve. If you are a current patient and need to speak with medical staff, call MOJ at 405-340-7400.

If you have COVID symptoms (high fever, cough, difficulty breathing), you can call the Oklahoma County Health Department at 405-425-4489 to get an appointment at a state testing site. If you do get tested, please let MOJ medical staff know so they can follow-up with you.

The week of May 18,2020, MOJ will re-open to see patients in the medical and dental clinic. Before you come it is important to be aware of our new process:
  • Please stay in your car and call the receptionist and let them know you arrived (340-7400)
  • The receptionist will notify you, when you can come in the building
  • Upon entering, you will be asked a series of questions regarding COVID-19 and have your temperature taken
  • Hand sanitizer will be given to you
  • You must wear a mask at all times at MOJ. If you do not have one, a mask will be provided for you.

Patients are able to pick up medications, lab slips and imaging orders Mondays and Fridays only from 9am -12pm. Please call 340-7400 from your car and staff will deliver items to you.

For a list of all the COVID state testing sites across Oklahoma, click here.

Beginning June 22, 2020, new patient appointments will be available.


The medical and eye clinics at MOJ serve patients who have no public or private third-party payer coverage and whose personal resources are insufficient to provide for their needed health care.  Christian medical professionals from the community volunteer their time, talent, and resources to help others in need.  Those who come to MOJ for medical appointments include people with various religious beliefs, ethnicities, and backgrounds.
  • Patients are seen by appointment.  Appointments are made from a list that matches patient need with physician / dentist availability. 
  • Treatment begins with an intake - a guided self-assessment of physical, relational, emotional, and spiritual health.
  • Patients may receive medication samples and assistance with applications for free medications provided by pharmaceutical companies.
  • Referrals may be made to other medical / dental specialists or facilities whom we partner with for diagnostic procedures or services when available.
  • Vision patients are at times accepted directly into the eye clinic with-in certain guidelines.
  • Referrals may also be made to one of our in-house programs:  Transformation Christian Counseling or Transformation Recovery.
  • Physicians offer an acute care clinic most weeks to provide more immediate attention for sudden illnesses.
To make an appointment:
  • Call 405-340-7400 between the hours of 9am-4pm Monday - Thursday, or 9am-12pm on Friday (closed on holidays).
  • Please note, we do not take medical inquiries via email, so please call us.
For a list of free or low-cost clinics in the Oklahoma City area, click HERE.