Job Openings

Interested Applicants
Please find the ministry statement and job application here Once completed, please submit all paperwork to the Executive Director by emailing For full pdf of job descriptions, click on job titles below.

Dental Coordinator-Assistant (Part-Time)
The primary responsibility of Dental Clinic Coordinator is to coordinate aspects of MOJ’s free, charitable dental services and will assist dentists as they provide dental services to MOJ patients. In addition to coordinating the dental department, the Dental Clinic Coordinator will also provide direct patient care and will be able to perform the work of a Registered Dental Hygienist or a Dental Assistant, either require proper professional credentials.
updated 2/29/24


Social Services Internship
The primary role of the Social Services Intern is to assist clients in completing assessment forms, develop a plan of action to meet client needs, and help connect clients to community resources.   Interested applicants should complete the form HERE.  Applicants will receive a response within one week.  This is not a paid internship.
posted 2/14/24

Communications Internship
The primary role of the Communications Intern is to assist in sharing the MOJ story thru the interns area of education and expertise.  This could be via video, storytelling in writing, marketing, social media, and/or photography.  Interested applicants should complete the application form HERE.  Applicants should receive a response within one week.  This is not a paid internship.
posted 6/24/24