Our Services

Medical, Dental & Eye Clinics

The medical clinic serves patients who are uninsured and have little or no means to pay.  Christian medical professionals from the community volunteer their time, talent, and resources to help others in need.  Those who come to MOJ for medical appointments include people with various religious beliefs, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

Dental patients must first see a physician in the medical clinic before being referred to a volunteer dental professional.  Vision patients are accepted directly into the eye clinic within certain guidelines.  MORE ON CLINICS.

Christian Counseling

Transformation Christian Counseling at MOJ provides counseling to clients in a caring and confidential setting by licensed professional counselors committed to bringing Christian principles from a Christ-centered world-view into the therapeutic experience.  Counseling is available for anyone, regardless of ability to pay. MORE ON COUNSELING.

Celebrate Recovery

The Recovery ministry is an outreach of MOJ dedicated to providing resources for those seeking freedom from hurts, habits or hang-ups.  There is a place for everyone:  Celebrate Recovery for adults, The Landing for teens, Celebration Place for children ages 6-12, and childcare for ages 0-5.  

Resources available to assist in recovery include mentoring, counseling, interventions, treatment referrals, and step-studies which are intense classes designed to help participants uncover the root of their pain, resentment, and negative behavior while providing biblically based tools to make lasting changes.  MORE ON RECOVERY.

Social Services

Many in our community need someone to come alongside them and help make connections with resources to assist with their immediate, tangible needs.  Social Services at MOJ does this by providing clients with referrals to community resources.  MORE ON SOCIAL SERVICES.

Support Groups

It is a misnomer that support groups are for "other" people - those who are weak.  These groups are for anyone that wants to better their lives in a particular area.  Believers or not, strong in their faith or not, all who attend a support group are saying, "I want to improve my life."  Those who join, find encouragement to do just that.  Support groups offered vary by semester.  MORE ON SUPPORT GROUPS.