Clinica Ministerio De Jesus

Our sister clinic in Somotillo, Nicaragua was established in 2014. Needs are met in a way that considers the culture which opens the doors for sharing the gospel in phenomenal ways.  With a population near 30,000, many of the citizens of Somotillo are living in poverty; those with jobs work hard to earn a few dollars per week to feed their family.  
According to the local pastor, 60% of those coming to churches come through the local MOJ clinic in Somotillo, Nicaragua.
Local pastors in Nicaragua see Ministerios de Jesus as a vital key to reaching people for Christ and they are extremely dedicated to and passionate about the work.
Ministerio De Jesus seeks to reach people with the good news of Jesus through:
  • Medical clinic and pharmacy for wound care, physical therapy, examination of expectant mothers, vaccinations for infant and childhood illness and for the prevention of mosquito born illnesses, along with addressing general health issues and doing minor procedures
  • Counseling provided by pastors and church planters for issues prevalent in the culture such as fear, anxiety, and alcohol abuse
  • Teaching residents how to drill wells for clean, portable water
  • Teaching residents how to plant and farm indigenous crops to become self-sustaining
  • Teaching animal husbandry of domestic and farm animals as a way of raising animals to sell and provide income for families

Through meeting basic human needs in this poverty-stricken area, hearts become fertile and respond to the gospel. MOJ, Edmond and Henderson Hills Baptist Church send medical mission teams as well as teams to work in the community alongside the pastors each year.  
  • For churches being planted in the area
  • For those who have received salvation!
  • For our partners in Nicaragua as they plant new churches and serve believers well
  • For the spread of the gospel in this impoverished area
  • For the medical clinic and its growth in order to reach more people
  • For the doctor, nurse, and pharmacist
  • For MOJ, Edmond to advise and partner well with MOJ, Nicaragua
  • Volunteers are needed to serve in Nicaragua, both short and long term for Kingdom work
  • Consider giving to MOJ, as funds are needed to sustain the work at our sister clinic in Nicaragua