Our Impact

2021 Ministries of Jesus by the Numbers

  • 172 Volunteers donated 14,643 hours of services
  • $115,500 in grant monies received turned in to $399,837 in services provided
  • $1,927,334 in medications and services donated for patients and clients
  • Over 10,000 patient/client touches across all areas of ministry
  • 87% of budget goes to direct patient care, with 13% for administrative costs
  • Prayer is offered to 100% of MOJ patients and clients
  • The gospel is shared everyday
Patient and Client responses to a survey indicated from their time under MOJ care:
  • 93% experienced improvement in physical health
  • 92% experienced emotional growth
  • 88% experienced spiritual growth


Please enjoy the stories below and as you read, certainly celebrate with each person, but more than that, look through the words to Him and enjoy our God and His extraordinary work.  For more stories, we invite you to follow us on Facebook.  If you are a patient, client or volunteer and want to share your MOJ story with us, we would love to hear it!  Please SHARE HERE.  To God be all glory, great things He has done!
"...My care at MOJ has really exceeded my expectations.  They have addressed all my medical needs with dignity and great compassion.  The standard of care is excellent - not at all what you would expect from a "free clinic."  They minister to the whole person with the love of Christ.  It truly is a Ministry of Jesus."
"To walk in to a medical facility and see not only staff at work, but to see God, most unexpected.  I believe these people live what they preach.  With hearts full of love and compassion they minister to all that walk through their doors.  I am a patient that has had many struggles, and they have never said we cannot help you, their answer is always prayer and we will find a way."
A volunteer dentist at MOJ always hands a piece of paper to his patients the first time he meets them and asks them to read it. It is a copy of his testimony. He shares his favorite verses (Phil 4:4-7) and briefly tells how we may have peace in our lives by trusting Jesus. No doubt, many seeds have been planted in the conversations that follow. 
"They were struggling relationally and wondering if they had made a mistake in getting married in the first place, so they met with one of our counselors in a series of sessions. The result:  they believe in their marriage now and their relationship is better than they could have imagined.  As an added bonus, they are actively serving God at MOJ, and they believe God is moving them to the mission field."
A man going through Celebrate Recovery recently accepted Christ and was baptized.  He is super excited to be following Jesus!  We are super excited about what God is doing in His life!
One person is receiving Christian counseling for an addiction and also attending Celebrate Recovery.  Said of him, "he doesn't like to miss CR.  He comes because that is where he meets the Lord.  He's not churched, but Monday night CR is his church."
The Social Services Director at MOJ was able to help a man obtain a social security card, which enabled him to get a driver's license, which enabled him to get a job - complete with health insurance!  God had already taken care of this man as the MOJ physicians watched a miraculous healing in his life, now He was providing for him long-term with health insurance.  God took care of his passion for work by giving him a job to be productive in.  God took care of his soul through counseling, pastoral care, and much prayer.  Most importantly, God took care of his spirit by sending him Jesus.  What a joy to see the mighty work of God played out in this man's life!
"I was not in Christ when I took the Making Peace With Your Past class, so true peace, God's way, was not experienced. But I must say I had never experienced such a touching, non-judgmental love from other Christians.  That class and those people were most certainly a seed God planted in the heart of my salvation 2 years later."
"I tend to be concerned with work and making sure I'm paying my bills on time, and leave my physical health for last.  During my last intake, I was able to see I need to take good care of God's temple, my body.  This realization has made a huge impact on my life."