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God Gives Provision First, Then Brings Patient

At Ministries of Jesus God often provides for the need - and then He brings the patient.  our Medical Director, Dr. Tucker, had passed by a couple of boxes of eye medication in the sample room many times.  She did not recognize the name of the medication, but it clearly was not something our volunteer eye doctors had used much.

A new patient, LuAnn.* was having a lot of trouble with her eyes and Dr. Tucker started asking her more questions.  The doctor quickly realized she had other conditions that were contributing to this and needed a stronger eye drop.  Familiar with Restasis, Dr. Tucker checked and of course, we were out of it.  She asked another medical staff member to see if Restasis could be ordered through the Medication Assistance Program.  
In relaying some of the bigger health issues, this staff member said she had similar issues and an eyedrop called Xiidra is what worked really well for her.  Lightbulb moment!  Xiidra is the drug that had been sitting on the shelf in the sample room - they could give it to LuAnn today!

Dr. Tucker takes the eye drops into the patient exam room knowing LuAnn would find relief for her eyes, and fast.  With what LuAnn had shared, Dr. Tucker knew her heart was burdened and heavy-laden with so many concerns.  Now Dr. Tucker could encourage her and say, "LuAnn, God loves you so much!  He has had these eye drops waiting with your name eon them!  He is the One that has provided for you today, with exactly what you need."

This would have to be a moment where the Holy Spirit would have to work and soften LuAnn's heart.  For today, she will find relief even if she doesn't grasp the true Provider.  Next time she comes in for an appointment, she may be skeptical still, but the medical staff will continue to show her the love of Jesus and pray with her where she is at.