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God Prompted Anna to Care for Her Health

From the look on her face and the joy that radiates from her, you’d never know Anna has been through some tremendous challenges in the past 2 years.

At the beginning of 2021 Anna felt the Lord was impressing on her to take better care of her health and get a physical.  Her job as a caretaker for her sister with down syndrome did not provide insurance so she wasn't sure where she could take care of her health without it costing money she didn’t have.  A friend told her about Ministries of Jesus and so she made the call.  Her first appointment was an intake.

She recalls, “all my circles (physical, relational, emotional, spiritual) ended up being really small and I was like, ‘what’s happening to me?!’”  This was the starting point and realization that some things needed to change.

Prior to becoming a patient, Anna had lingering effects of COVID.  The MOJ clinic referred her to a partnering lung specialist to find relief.  She had no idea the plethora of help available when she arrived at MOJ and step-by-step she kept saying, “you offer that?  Yes, please!”

She hadn’t been to the dentist in 20 years, so she had a dental exam at MOJ and fixed a broken tooth.  Though she knew things were abnormal, it had been too long since her last well-woman check so that was taken care of.  For heart palpitations, she had an EKG.  Another MOJ appointment revealed osteoporosis.   She was thankful for the peace of mind she had for getting all her questions answered and for the free medications she received.   Anna says, “I learned all this because the Lord prompted me to take care of my health and then He led me to Ministries of Jesus.”

At her last appointment, Anna thought she would be moving away.  She says, “when I told my doctor, the medical staff and volunteers all came in and prayed for me.  I was moved to tears at such compassion.  I  thanked them for how they had changed my life.”  She recognized that to get the physical and all the tests she had been given, she would have had to shell out thousands of dollars she didn’t have and claimed this as “a gift form the Lord.”
Desiring emotional healing, Anna also received counseling at MOJ. “My counselor validated me for 12  weeks!  Just having space to talk to someone about losing my mom and beginning to care for my sister full-time was healing.  Now, I am healthier emotionally and spiritually too, where I can pour in to others and help them.  I’ve received so many answers here, and much healing, and that has given me peace.”  Before leaving, Anna smiles big and says, “I’m ready for my next intake.  My circles will be much improved!”

Pictured: Anna (right), in the MOJ free clinic the Lord led her to, with Nurse Wanda & Dr. Tucker.


Jeff’s life turned upside down in an instant.  As the light turned green at a stoplight in Bricktown and Jeff’s car began to go, a pedestrian came out of nowhere trying to beat the light.  He pushed off the front of the car and landed motionless on the concrete .  To this day, Jeff doesn’t know if the man lived or died, but driving near crosswalks triggers unimaginable fear in his heart.

Four months later, Jeff felt and heard a loud explosion while driving on Hefner Parkway.  A lady had hit his car from behind, going 90 mph!  Surprisingly, Jeff walked away without serious physical injuries, but the psychological impact was monumental.  When driving on the highway now, he still gets terrified of being hit.

Shortly after the wrecks, Jeff began getting daily migraines - and they’ve continued for 9 years.  He says, “Life became excruciatingly difficult.  For 4 years, I fought through each day at work then spent hours at home in the dark and silence racked with pain.”  He was out of medical options and fell into a deep depression.

Jeff was later diagnosed with PTSD and also discovered he had toxic mold which came with many debilitating symptoms.  After 4 years of fighting, Jeff lost his job and had to let go of everything.  He couldn’t bear the endless pain and became semi-suicidal.  “I felt afraid, angry, isolated, withdrawn, and hopeless.  I had hit rock bottom.”

Fortunately, Jeff’s story doesn’t end there.  At Ministries of Jesus, he found unbelievable hope!  Jeff took a class MOJ offered called Making Peace With Your Past.  Soon after, he began attending Celebrate Recovery (CR).  Jeff went all in, participating in large group, small open share groups, and in-depth step studies.  He says, “CR has been incredible and has brought about unbelievable healing.  I am so thankful for CR and the incredible work they do, every week, in the lives of so many very messed up people - like me!”
Jeff also began seeing a Christian counselor at MOJ who helped treat his depression and PTSD.  With new migraine medications, he still gets migraines every day, but the severity and duration of them have been greatly reduced.

Beaming with a joy only Christ could give, Jeff concludes, “I now have my life back!  I went from being hopeless, to being suicidal, to recovering, to serving.  I am now giving back and volunteering at MOJ doing patient intakes, and volunteering at CR leading step studies.  I give all the glory to God for this amazing ministry, and for the miraculous healing that has taken place in my life!”

Photo:  Jeff today, having walked through years of darkness, now beaming with Light


Years ago, Alonda* went to a clinic with significant pain in her back and hardly able to walk.  They told her there was nothing they could do to help.  She felt slighted because of her age and inability to pay.  While making a stop, someone noticed her struggle to walk in pain.  They knew of a clinic in south OKC where Alonda could see a doctor for free and made the suggestion.  Desperate for relief, Yolanda went straight there.  At her first appointment she met Dr. Tucker, MOJ Medical Director, who took a team of volunteers to help at the start-up clinic once a month.  Dr. Tucker referred Alonda to a specialist and that is when the road to healing began.  

In time, the clinic MOJ helped start in the poorest zip code in south OKC began to stand on their own.  Dr. Tucker would no longer be serving there on occasion, but Alonda was not going to part ways from a doctor that was not only helping her, but deeply cared for her as a person.  Though the drive was farther, Alonda became a patient at MOJ and continued care under her now friend and doctor, Dr. Tucker.  

Improvement continued steadily.  Alonda has been a patient at MOJ for 7 years now.  When Dr. Tucker first met her, she had spent months in bed; it was just too painful to move.  Now, she’s literally a walking miracle.  She gets around very well for 75 years young!
The inability to walk, or work, took a toll on the rest of Alonda’s health.  She was not able to afford food and admittedly was hungry.  At times food around the trash bin on the corner became her meals.  When the medical team at MOJ discovered she did not have access to food and did not have dependable transportation to get food, the Social Services department went to work and helped her through a lengthy process to get her approved for Meals on Wheels.  

With proper nutrition, Alonda continues to gain strength and improve her health.  She has even gone back to cutting hair twice a week.  Like many served at MOJ, Alonda isn’t looking for a hand out.  She just needed some help so she can be healthy enough to work and contribute to society.

Alonda, smiling, says through a translator, “I am thanking God for all the healing that has been done in my body.  I am thankful for the food provided and how my Spirit has been fed here, too.  In all the pain I’ve experienced, I asked God to help me not let go of my faith.  God has answered and my faith is stronger.  I know God has provided for me.”