Social Services


Updated 9/15/20

Coronavirus is affecting many families and individuals.  Here is a list of resources that may help if you are needing assistance.  The list of resources will be updated as more are made available.  

Click the title for a pdf version of a short book for kids, "The Germ Called Coronavirus" by Fernando Gonzalez, III.  This is a great resource to help young kids understand the virus and all the changes that go with it.

GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE aids people find their eligibility to government funded benefits and assistance programs. Click HERE for details.

  • Virtual job fair in Oklahoma.  Click HERE
  • In person job fairs in Oklahoma.  Click HERE
  • Williams-Sonoma is hiring for Customer Service Remote jobs.  Click HERE
  • Companies hiring for remote work.  Click HERE
  • CareerOne Stop provides information on career exploration, job training/education, and employment opportunities.  Click HERE for details.  
  • Target is hiring - Click HERE
  • Chelsea International Education is hiring tutors - Click HERE
  • Cherokee Building Material in OKC is looking for entry level yard personal & CDL drivers - Click HERE
  • Crest Fresh Market - Click HERE
  •  Walmart is hiring 150,000 workers - Click HERE
  •  CVS is hiring 50,000 workers - Click HERE
  •  Dollar General is hiring 50,000 workers - Click HERE
  •  7-Eleven is hiring 20,000 workers - Click HERE 
  • Amazon is hiring 100,000 workers - Click HERE 
  • Indeed is a reliable website where you can post resumes and search for employment in any city. Click HERE

Computers with Causes offers free computers to anyone in need.  Click HERE

Lifeline is a Federal program that lowers the monthly cost of Internet/phone for those needing assistance.  Click HERE for details.

For Statewide community resources call 211, or Click HERE for details.  2-1-1 varies by area but can connect you with resources for food, utilities, medical bills, etc.  If you have a need, 2-1-1 is a great resources to help you get started.

  • Hope Center of Edmond provides utility and rent assistance to Edmond and Arcadia residents.  Click HERE for details.
  • Upward Transitions offers help with rent/utilities for those who lost income due to COVID-19.  Click HERE for details.

  • Meals On Wheels offers food for the elderly/homebound.  Click HERE for details. 
  • Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. To find the closest food pantry- visit the website, enter your zip code, and they will provide you with a list of food pantries.  Click HERE for details.
  • Project 66 will continue to provide services. See below for details.  Click HERE for details.
  • Food for Thought Oklahoma shows locations for kids ages 1-18 to find meal sites during school closures due to COVID 19.  Click HERE for details.

To file for unemployment benefits, please visit the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission.  There you will find a check list of items needed to file a claim online.  Click HERE for details.

Robin Brown at ABC Medicarehelp can help you enroll and find financial aid for those who can’t afford to pay for their monthly deductible/copays and medications.  For individual assistance, please call Robin Brown at 405-626-4461.  

Many in our community need someone to come alongside them and help make connections with resources to assist with their immediate, tangible needs.  Social Services at MOJ does this by providing clients with referrals to community resources.
If you are a business and are interested in employing MOJ clients or are able to donate services, please let us know.
Assistance or referrals for resources through Social Services are available for:
"MOJ was able to help a family who had struggled to get health insurance through the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid for over a year.  This family came to MOJ in desperate need of health care and within 45 minutes God provided them with very good health insurance through insure Oklahoma and a monthly premium of less than $60 a month!  Through God's provision in their lives, this family was able to sense God's love for them and recognize how much He cares for their every need."
Contact Social Services:
"In the midst of trying to obtain government assistance for food stamps, phone service and employment for a young woman, it was discovered that although she wanted to work, she could not hold a job because of her low cognitive and verbal skills.  Sadly, she would not qualify for assistance because the only way for her to get food stamps was to work 20 hours a week.  Her Primary Care Physician at MOJ wrote a letter expaling her cognitive and physical limitations and why she was aunable to hold a job.  Three months later, she was able to begin receiving food stamps and phone services which was a huge blessing."