Support Groups

It is a misnomer that support groups are for "other" people - those who are weak.  These groups are for anyone that wants to better their lives in a particular area.  Believers or not, strong in their faith or not, all who attend a support group are saying, "I want to improve my life."  Those who join, find encouragement to do just that.  Support groups offered vary by semester.
Many people focus so much on being loving and unselfish that they forget their own limits and limitations. That's why the ability to set clear boundaries is essential to a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  Boundaries define who we are and who we are not.  This study will offer biblically-based answers and show how to set healthy boundaries with spouses, children, friends, parents, co-workers, and even ourselves.

Schedule: This group is now closed.  Check back Fall 2023 for new schedule.
"If I had known about that book and the things I learned in the Boundaries group…if I had learned all that 30 years ago, I would be a totally different person."
Grief Share is a special support group for people grieving the loss of someone close.  This group is facilitated by people who understand what you are experiencing and want to offer you comfort and encouragement during this difficult time.  Each session includes a video featuring top experts on grief and recovery as well as the real-life stories of people who have experienced losses like yours.  You will have the opportunity to interact with others who have experienced a recent loss, learn about their experiences, and share your own experience.  Newcomers are welcome to join in at any time; no registration needed.

Schedule:    This group is not meeting again until August 21, 2023.
You can visit to find other local groups by zip code near you.
"God uses this group to minister to hurting people and it is a sweet thing to see.  They minister to each other and broken people are so open and compassionate to each other.  It truly is a blessing to see God's work so intimately."
Forgiven and Set Free is a 12-week Bible study designed to help guide suffering and hurting women through the emotional scars of past abortion experiences.  This study helps women deal with issues such as relief and denial, depression, anger, letting go, forgiveness, and acceptance.

Schedule:  Please call Emily at Hope Pregnancy Center, 405-330-0200, for dates/times
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Making Peace With Your Past is a support group study to help adult children who grew up in dysfunctional families - particularly in homes in which one of the family members had emotional needs so strong that they disrupted the development of healthy relationships.  This 12-week study, which follows Tim Sledge's book Making Peace With Your Past, offers practical, biblically-based guidance to lead adults to identify and come to terms with the feelings and problems caused by growing up in a dysfunctional family.  Participants will learn to understand problems from their past and identify and remove the emotional, psychological, and spiritual barriers to fellowship with God.

Schedule:  This group is not currently meeting.   Please check back Fall 2023 for new schedule.
"My experience with the Making Peace class opened my eyes to God's truth and His divine healing of wounds from childhood and unforgiveness that still ate at my heart.  The class helped me let God do a wonderful work only He could do, which was to forgive and love those who had hurt me."
The Infertility and miscarriage support group is intended to create a God centered safe space, where couples can come and feel supported during a difficult season of life.  The group will help couples as they navigate their journeys while pointing them to Christ through Bible study, reminding them they are loved and not alone.

Schedule: This group is not currently meeting.  Please check back Fall 2023 for new schedule.
If you're struggling with the pain of divorce and seeking direction for rebuilding your life, let Divorce Care help you.  Divorce Care is a support group designed to assist people as they move through the painful experience of divorce.  Each session covers a relevant topic and consists of video and discussion time.  

Schedule: This group is not currently meeting.  Please check back Fall 2023 for new schedule.
You can visit to find other local groups that are meeting right now.
"We see good progress in the healing process for our Divorce Care group participants."
Step studies are gender specific, in-depth studies of the Steps of Recovery.  Uncover the roots of pain, resentment, negative behaviors, and reactions while receiving emotional support and life-skill tools to make lasting changes.  After a step study has been in progress a few weeks it becomes a closed group, with new step studies beginning periodically.  

MEN's Step Study Group:
All men's groups are currently closed.

WOMEN's Step Study Groups:
All women's groups are currently closed.

Contact:    405-513-7472 or
"This step study wasn't only a first step to my healing but it was my first step back to church."
The Henderson Hills church family greatly appreciates the dedicated service of our military men and women who are defending freedom at home and abroad.  We are equally grateful for the sacrifices their families make when a family member is deployed for extensive periods of time, particularly when in harm's way.  The purpose of this group is to minister as the Lord leads to the needs of military personnel and their families, and to express our support and gratitude for the service and sacrifices they make on our behalf.  We maintain a list of military personnel and families for whom we pray and to whom we send packages and/or letters at Christmas and other times throughout the year.  Ministry team members make or secure items needed by our troops, many who are in extremely remote areas with limited access to such items as toiletries, snacks, basic medicines, socks, and gloves.  

Contact:  Sherri Woodham