This diagram illustrates how integration at MOJ happens.  We have four primary areas of service and each one can refer patients and clients to other areas (Medical & Dental can only take uninsured who cannot afford to pay for services). With all areas collaboratively working together, whole person healing happens. Prayer and sharing truth of the gospel with individuals is at the forefront of each ministry area, providing body, soul, and spirit healing.

Patients learn about the integrative approach available for their healing during their first intake.


Patients go through an intake evaluation annually to identify areas of their life where they have made progress or to see which areas are out of balance and still need attention. Because of the intentional process, there is opportunity to share the gospel during intake sessions, if the patient is open to listening.
The results of each area (physical, relational, emotional, and spiritual) are plotted on corresponding "wheels of health" (see below for sample).  This gives a visual for the patient to see where the flat spots in their life are. Likening these wheels to wheels on a car, it is easy for the patient to see why their life may not be running so smoothly, since God created all areas to function, balanced, together.

Four Wheels of Health (Sample)